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About Us

Murphy Building & plumbing services Ltd

Established for over 30 years.
Our building work is outstanding.
we only employ the best tradesman.

Insight and understanding of people`s needs that led it to become the unique building company that MPS is today. The company`s original designs date back to 1986. MPS was quick to recognise the need for a product that reflected their values and desire for individuality. Today, those same values are reflected in the company`s product. A product equally at home in both rural and urban environments.

There are two words that speak volumes about MPS. We understand that lifestyle is about personal choice and values, about individuality, design, image, sustainability, romance and flair. We understand that a home and its environment should be as one, whether that environment be in the country or urban. Like you, we too chose to be individual. In choosing not to be like other mainstream builders we are not constrained by conventional wisdom. Rather than follow the rules, we threw them away and wrote our own.

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